Hypnosis for pain relief. 4 ways to make it work best.

Pain relief from hypnosis?
Pain relief from hypnosis?

Hypnosis for pain relief? One study shows that “Pain affects up to 1.5 billion adults worldwide.” Being in constant pain can be debilitating, but hypnosis can help with chronic pain.

Does hypnosis help with pain relief?

Recently, a large study that included data from 85 other studies was completed on how well hypnosis helps to relieve pain and under what circumstances it works.… Read the rest

Psychology’s Fascinating Controversy: Structuralism Versus Functionalism

Structuralism Versus Functionalism

Structuralism Versus Functionalism Psychology's Controversy

A great debate raging in psychology today is structuralism versus functionalism. In order to talk about something as vast as the history of psychology, it is helpful to categorize the knowledge (Green, Feinerer & Burman, 2014). Two large categories of knowledge that were vying for dominance in the late 19th century are structuralism and functionalism.… Read the rest