5 Proven Foundations of Psychology

This is a scholarly paper about the foundations of psychology. It discusses philosophy, psychodynamics, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology and neurobiology.

What is Psychology?

“Psychology is the scientific investigation of mental processes (thinking, remembering, feeling, etc.) and behavior” (Kowalski & Western, 2009, p.… Read the rest

Lady Gaga, A Startling Personality Psychology Profile

Lady Gaga A Startline Personality Psychology Profile

This is a brief look at Lady Gaga from the perspective of personality psychology theory and lifespan development theory. The article includes quotes from Lady Gaga.

Personality Psychology

In psychology, personality refers to the basic underpinnings of a person’s character. According to our text, it is, “the enduring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that are expressed by individuals in different circumstances” (Kowalski & Western, 2009, p.Read the rest